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El sello australiano Verminous Recordings anuncia el próximo lanzamiento de "Pulsating mounds of mutagenic putrescence", el nuevo larga duración de VOMITOMA que contendrá 48 temas de su denso y putrefacto gorenoise. Como adelanto del mismo el sello nos ofrece el tema que abre el álbum: "Hollowed out cadavers sewn together and used as a sewage pipe".
01. Hollowed Out Cadavers Sewn Together And Used As a Sewage Pipe
02. Womb Of The Worm Queen
03. A Maggots Nest In The Pit Of Her Chest
04. Chainsawtopsy
05. Jars Of Dried Insect Appendages
06. Necro-Nuclear Apocalypse
07. Heaps Of Hemorrhaging Hymens
08. Fetus Jar Molotov
09. Gangrenous Gynocology
10. Nasopharyngical Abortion Of Carcinogenic Cholesteatoma
11. Using Your Obituary As A Cum Rag
12. Gun Shot Wound Fuck-Hole
13. Burn Ward Bukkake
14. Suffocated With A Colostomy Bag
15. Broken Crack Pipe Colonoscopy
16. Umbicial Ballgag
17. Carcinogenic Meatpaste
18. Masochistic Drill Masturbation
19. Buttfucked And Bulldozed
20. Bladder Syphon
21. Cloacal Cunt
22. Rancid Rendered Reflux
23. Castration Cannon
24. Foul Odors Of Fetid Flesh
25. Miscarriage Through Masturbation
26. Euphonic Euthanasia
27. Pistol-Whipped Until Her Piss-Hole Rips
28. Suffocated With Maggot-Filled Organs
29. Sewage Diving
30. Krokodil Zombie
31. Porty-O-Potty Full Of Dead Bodies
32. Granulated Pus Clumps
33. Slashed Up Into Slush
34. Puke Puddle Pool Play
35. Scum Shot
36. Cervical Fungus
37. Fetus In Fetu In Formaldehyde
38. Stabbed To Death With A Hep-C Heroin Needle
39. Bloody Bile Balloons
40. Abortion Through The Throat
41. Decomposure Documentation
42. Melted With Gangrenic Gastric Juices
43. Vericose Penis
44. Slaughterhouse Dumpster Rancidity
45. Hydrochloric Historectomy
46. Gastric Parasite Farm
47. Feed Your Face To Pigs
48. Down The Drain


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