domingo, 2 de julio de 2017


Echando la vista atrás y respondiendo a algunos de los seguidores de los estilos más enfermizos que preguntaban por aberraciones musicales que descubrir, decir que BLACK MOLD PHALLANX y su recopilatorio "Scabbed Insect Requiem", editado en formato Pro CDr en una tirada limitada a 100 copias por el sello Verminous Recordings, puede ser una buena opción. Putrefacto y vomitivo gore noise listo para licuar neuronas.
01. Metamorphosis Casing (Crawling Into The Void, Mycotoxin A, Mycotoxin B, Mycotoxin C, Scattering From The Shadow, Metamorphosis Casing 2, Entombed In Decaued Soil)
02. Fungal Mass Of Liquid Flies
03. Sour, Curdled And Burning
04. The Spores : Discharged
05. The Land Of Disease / Disease Of The Land
06. The Hive (Central Parasitic Stem, Mutated Strains Of Mycotoxin Stachybotrys Growth, Where It Came / Where It Goes To)
07. Dried Up Insect Casings In The Windowsill
08. Programs://Forget
09. The Hole It Died In Part. 1 (Termite In The Roots, Vomit The Black Mildew, The Nest It Rots In Part 2, Fungus Growth Beneath A Bloodsoaked Floor)
10. Stachybotrys Chartarum Cluster
11. Fuligo Septica
12. Lair Of The Antlion (Vortex Of Soil, Subterranean Entrapment, Sadistic Larval Stage, Drawn Into The Jaws, Fading Into The Sand, Consumed Below The Earth)
13. Filthy Diseased Oblivion
14. Subdermal Arachnid Eggsack Incubation
15. Discovery Of Insect Colonization Upon Removal Of Dermoid Growths
16. Atrophical Irritation
17. Incinerator Resin
18. The Dead Spider Rituals (Intro)
19. Saccharomyces
20. Diseased Larvae
21. Lycosidae Nephrosisium
22. Blattodea Trichonosis
23. Oneidensis Mycoplasm
24. Achaeranea Tepidariorum
25. Nematomorphic Cryptobiosis
26. Arthropod Xiphinema
27. The Dead Spider (Both Shadow And Substance)
28. Phylum Nematoda
29. Pseudocoelomates
30. Caenorhabditis Hymenoptera
31. Trichinella Spiralis
32. Entemopathogenic Diptera
33. Solufogid Sporidium
34. Catocala Relicta
35. The Ghost Of The Dead Spider (Closure)
36. Procreation Of The Trichinella Spiralis (Intro)
37. The Hatching Of The Eggs (Parts 1 - 50)
38. The Feeding
39. Gestation Turns To Infestation
40. Total Infiltration Of The Digestive And Central Nervous System
41. Deterioration Of Life Signs
42. The Host Now Used Up / Process Repeated
43. Nesting
44. Zygospore - 57 Larvae
45. Meiosis - 70 Larvae
46. Sporangium - 17 Larvae
47. Post Larval Stage - The Diseased Larvae

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