miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017


El sello Cemiterio Records nos presenta "Feraliminal bowel septico gore fetus", el split que editado en formato CD reúne a DEAD FETUS COLLECTION, GORE, SEPTICOPYEMIA, BOWEL STEW y FERALIMINAL LYCANTHROPIZER, conformando un enfermizo trabajo que desborda goregrind, gorenoise y grind gore.
Dead Fetus Collection
01. In the noise of the jigsaw dismembering your body
02. Necrophiliac tantra with rigor-mortised Samantha
03. Emetic emanations of the emulsive pustulations
04. Cannibal carnicero enfermo 2: Como hacer la carne negra embebiendo trozos de carne em la sangre
05. Mycoses fungoide
06. Festering ass
07. Human lymph ventricular carcinoma node
08. Hystopathological diagnosis of melanocystic plasm-cells
09. Chronic matter anomalies in schizophrenia
10. Bloodbath in killroom
11. Live songs:
      -Incomplete evacuation
      -Intestinal pestilence
      -Consummated cancer
      -Human limbs mutilated
      -Cursed bitch
      -Unfinished radiation
12. Foreskin
13. Cardioslam
14. Carnivorous libido
15. Bizarre scatophily
16. Rigor coprophagy
Feraliminal Lycantropizer
17. Pyosisified (Rotten to the gore) (Carcass cover)
18. Anal conception of the dominant female
19. Angry appeal of puny masochists
20. Carnal embrace of stinking cattle cemetery
21. Critical concentration of gay power
22. Sexual mutation of miserable gerontophile
23. Fatal equilibre of elastic womanizer
24. Turborocker pathetic entering in the last grand battement of discowhore
25. Universal epidemic of erectile dysfunction
Bowel Stew
26. Hung, gutted and degloved
27. Liquefactive necrosis
28. Exanguinate the vermiform
29. Gaunching torture
30. Thanatophiliac pathenophagy

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